Instant Snow Safety Information

Our safety information for Instant snow polymer is provided for the listed brand names, trademarks, and associated products noted.  We do not make any expressed or implied safety claims for any other snow polymer.  Our insta-snow powder is not any instant snow which is not included in our snow safety information.  Other snow powder such as SnoWonder , or Snow in Seconds  are not Snow To Go!®. 

Product Names:

  • Snow To Go! ®
  • Snowball To Go! ™
  • Sno To Go ™
  • Instant Snow To Go ™
  • Blizzard Wizard Snow in a Jar ™
  • Insta-Snow®
  • Be Amzing Insta Snow
  • Insta Snow
  • Insta Snow To Go!™
  • Fairy’s Frost™
  • Snow To Go Fairy’s Frost Edition
  • Let It Snow Ornament
  • Gotta Go Snow™
  • Snow To Go Snowscapes

These products are packaged in various forms as presented on our web sites; but not limited to the packaging on this web site, or any web site, which sells product by, from or associated with Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC

Products Include: SNO-125 Snow Tube Blister Pack, SNO-400 Snow Poly Pack, SNO-525 Snow Jar, Sno To Go Take-out, SNO-FF Fairy’s Frost Edition, SNO-B100 Snowball To Go!, SNO-600 One Pound Designer Snow Poly Bag, SNO2001 (4.4 LB) Event Snow, Let It Snow Ornament (Jumping Cracker Beans), Snow Greeting Cards (Jumping Cracker Beans).

General Chemical Information

Chemical Name:Sodium Polyacrylate
This Product is Not considered to be a Health Risk.
Gift Bliss Enterprises does not sell or market this product as a Toy.
The contents of this product is Not a Toy.


These sets contain chemicals that may be harmful if misused.  Read cautions on individual containers carefully.  These products are Not to be used by children except under Adult Supervision.

These sets contain Small Parts, which can present a Choking Hazard.  These products are Not be used or handled by children under 5 (five) years old.

Do not place powder or any packaged parts in the mouth. Do not inhale any dust or powder.

General Chemical Safety

Sodium Polyacrylate may irritate
Eyes, Skin, Nasal and Respiratory Passages:

Rinse immediately with water.  Remove contact lenses if wearing any.  Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes

This material is safe to touch. Rinse skin with water when finished using.

Rinse mouth.  Drink a glassful of water or milk.  Do not induce vomiting.

Move to a well-ventilated area.


This material is considered to be Non-Hazardous and Environmentally Safe.  The finished product can be put into regular garbage and needs no special disposal.


This product is very SLIPPERY when water is added.  Use caution and do not put on the floor.  All Children Should be Supervised in the use of this product.  Hydrated snow powder can harm wood surfaces.  Do not put it directly on fine wood.


In case of accidental intake of a chemical or object, Call 1-800-222-1222.  This toll-free number will put you in touch with the poison control center in your state.  Keep all instructions handy when you call.
If a child or individual has Collapsed or is Not Breathing, Call 911 Immediately.