Instant Snow To Go | How to Make Instant Snow

How to Make Instant Snow

It’s Simple!

Just add 1 Teaspoon of Snow To Go powder, (1 blue scoop — included with most Snow To Go products)
to 2 ounces of water (that’s 1/4 cup of water).

You can add the powder to the water, or the water to the powder.  If you add the powder to the water, it is best to add the powder to the center of the water.  We recommend room temperature water for the best result.  There is no mixing.   Instantly the powder and water combine to make snow.

For Larger Quantities…

Just increase the measurements equally:

  • Add 4 teaspoons Snow To Go powder to 1 cup of water (that’s 8 ounces of water)
  • Add 4 Tablespoons Snow To Go powder (12 teaspoons) to 3 cups of water(that’s 24 ounces of water)

How do you know you made Original Snow To Go?

  • Snow To Go Instantly Erupts into Lots of Snow (less than 3 seconds)
  • Snow To Go powder with water makes Soft and Fluffy Snow like fresh fallen snow
  • In a couple of minutes the Snow To Go snow is Cool to the Touch
  • Snow To Go has No Odor.

Not all instant snow is the same:

Unlike Instant Snow To Goinferior snow powder requires mixing or stirring the powder and water, often feel grainy or sticky when you make them,  are not cool to the touch, and the very poor quality instant snow has a very bad smell.

If you experience any of these factors, you do not have Instant Snow To Go!