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ARTICLE On: Wholesale Central

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White-Hot Holiday Products

Gift Bliss For a White Christmas

Of course, the child in everyone wishes to see a white Christmas whenever the calendar begins seriously bearing down on Dec. 25. Gift Bliss Enterprises has a product that can help end-users achieve that wish, from San Diego to Boston and Atlanta to Seattle. The wholesaler’s top-selling holiday item is called Insta-Snow. When you add water to it, the product looks and feels like real snow. The wholesale price ranges according to the units ordered, via Giftbliss Sales. The most popular version is the 40 gram packet, which makes around a gallon of snow and wholesales for $3 per unit. The 100 gram packet, which makes over two gallons of snow, wholesales for $6. Retailers of all kinds are ordering for the holidays, from general gift stores to novelty stores to stationary specialty retailers to resorts in the Mountain West. Check out the video clip on the homepage at Giftbliss Sales, and be impressed by how believable the artificial snow appears. Read the Full Article »

“End-users buy for everything from the novelty of creating snow to using the snow for centerpieces for their holiday tables to folks that want to create miniature Christmas villages,” said Michael Penna, President, Gifts Bliss Enterprises. “Our end-user audience is often made up of females who want the snow for decorating. Though I will tell you, males of all ages absolutely love the novelty of the product. You add water to the powder and it explodes before your very eyes, becoming something that looks and feels like real snow.”