ARTICLE On: Web Wholesaler Magazine

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ARTICLE On: Web Wholesaler Magazine

Giftbliss Succeeds With Snow To Go

wwmag-image Giftbliss Sales started up in 1993 as a manufacturers’ rep group. Over the years, owner Michael Penna would stumble upon products that the company would then distribute as a side business, which eventually got them into the distribution business and other aspects of selling. Though they started with the gift industry, they have expanded to a broader market in recent years. The company didn’t start selling its most successful product until 2000.

“We had heard that there were snowboard and ski parks in Japan that used and artificial form of snow,” Penna recalls. “I got together with another individual, and we thought it would be an interesting product to sell to stores for decoration. That particular product was very industrial. When you touched it, it was very sticky, whereas our current product is very fluffy and soft. But it did look incredibly like snow. it was really a good visual product.”

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