ARTICLE On: Little Bits of Life

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ARTICLE On: Little Bits of Life

Product Review from a Real Momma and Her Family

Momma of 3 - Daughter Showing Insta Snow Even thought summer is hear in Missouri Its snowing in our kitchen. Today we tried out the Snow to GO® product. It’s an artificial snow that looks just like Real Snow.

Snow To Go! powder makes snow instantly, in seconds it makes artificial snow that looks like real snow and feels cold to the touch. Instant Snow to Go is non toxic and environmentally safe. It requires no mixing and makes snow that is Fluffy and Not Sticky.

Instant Snow To Go comes in a variety of choices Instant Snow To GO!, Fairy’s Frost, Snowball To Go! Ornaments, Snow cards, and Novelties. All of them can be found at various retail stores around the country.
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