ARTICLE On: Life Inspired Design

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ARTICLE On: Life Inspired Design

SNOW TO GO… Makes a Beautiful Centerpiece

Insta Snow Christmas Centerpiece

It is Christmas Eve and I wanted to create a centerpiece for the appetizer buffet that I will be setting up later today. This arrangement has so many fun and different aspects to it! Let me start with the birch log.  I have a wonderful friend who is handy with wood – actually very handy… and he makes custom cornhole boards.  But last week I asked him to cut a trench in a birch log and he did it for me. Of course I added candles — but then I added SNOW TO GO® and that is when the centerpiece went from very nice to fabulous! SNOW TO GO is instant snow made from a non-toxic, environmentally safe powder. You add water and it becomes snow. Instantly! The powder expands to 100 times its size. — Read the Full Article »