ARTICLE On: LegalZoom

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ARTICLE On: LegalZoom

LegalZoom Entrepeneur Spotlight

Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC

An Interview with Michael Penna of Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC

Tell us a little about your product or service.
Our slogan, “Where the Unusual becomes the Trend” describes the new, trendy, and unusual gift products we sell. Many of these products, which include chic women’s ID necklaces, magnet bumper stickers, die cast car key chains with LED headlights, playing cards with questions to start conversations, purses you wear on your hand, plush pirate ships and more can be viewed on our Gift Bliss Website. Our most popular product is Instant Snow To Go!. This artificial snow is great for holiday villages and decorating, floral décor, event decorating, and FUN. — Read the Full Article »